We are proud
to be the oldest business house in
Sri Lanka

Our Areas

An impressive repertoire of medical products and a strong well trained field force that operates throughout the island in an extensive chain of distribution points in addition to modern infrastructure that caters to all customers rank among the top strengths of the Company.

The Company primarily targets export markets for an extensive range of tea based products which include varieties of tea among other value adding products such as specially designed wooden boxes and metal caddies. The tea range, which includes Black Tea, Green Tea, Herbal Tea and Flavoured Tea, make up the bulk of the export portfolio and targets such markets as U.A.E, Iran and Syria. A large percentage of the Company's tea is exported to CIS countries.

The fully automated office complex is considered one of the best equipped in the country and houses many awards of recognition presented from International Airlines.
The Company was appointed the Exclusive Travel Agent in Sri Lanka for many prestigious events including the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup.

The Company was awarded the Gold award for servicing the highest number of skilled workers overseas at the inaugural Awards Ceremony initiated by the Government of Sri Lanka to recognize Employment Agencies for their integrity and marketing skills.
The Company focuses on remunerating job titles and their respective responsibilities sufficiently by facilitating socially responsible and beneficial opportunities.

George Steuart & Company Limited is Sri Lanka's oldest established mercantile institution backed by 175 years of experience. Launched in 1835 as a pioneer merchant banking institute, the company evolved over the years diversifying into a multitude of commercial activities including Exports, Health, Leisure, Finance and Real Estate. Today, the company takes pride in being one of the fastest evolving conglomerates in Sri Lanka 's contemporary mercantile sector.

George Steuart Investments (Pvt) Ltd; a subsidiary of George Steuart & Co., and commenced business in 1982. Offering Intermediary Services in the Financial Markets for inter-bank transactions. We have teamed up with personnel specialized in financial markets, having extensive treasury and banking experience to provide clients with expertise to capitalize on opportunities in the money market.

The company was set up in 1995 to serve as the General Sales Agents for International Airlines. George Steuart Aviation (Pvt) Ltd currently holds the General Sales Agencies (GSA) for Delta Airlines- USA and Philippines Airlines in Sri Lanka. The main focus of the company is to provide all air passage services of Delta Airlines (DL) & Philippine Airlines (PR) which include ticketing, air fare construction, holiday packages, seat reservations, assistance in visa procedures, professional customer service in connection with after sales service & special handling services for customers.