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George Steuart Solutions appointed Sole Agents for GREE Air Conditioners

George Steuart Solutions (GSS) a fully-owned subsidiary of George Steuart & Company Ltd. recently signed an MoU with GREE Electric Appliances, China, to be the Sole Agents for GREE air conditioners in Sri Lanka.

GREE air conditioners deliver solutions that are manufactured with the latest technologies yet affordable to the everyday customer. The inverter technology used in GREE air conditioners is capable of reducing the energy consumption up to 65% while sustaining remarkably high performance standards. Therefore the impact on the environment as well as the home electricity bill is reduced considerably.

Gree air conditioners are manufactured to cater to various consumer needs and are categorised as single zone, multi zone and PTAC. GREE air conditioning solutions are world renowned for convenience, efficiency quiet performance and low cost maintenance.

GREE Electric Appliances, Inc. of Zuhai, China, which is partly government owned, is the largest specialised air conditioner enterprise in the world. There are nine GREE production bases; six in China and three overseas in Brazil, Pakistan and Vietnam.

GREE’s annual production capacity is over 27 million sets of residential air conditioners and 2 million sets of commercial air conditioners. The company also manufactures quality household appliances such as Evaporative Humidifiers, Water Dispensers, Air Cooler and Purifiers and other products.

Statistics show that one out of every three air conditioners sold in the world is made by GREE and current sales data shows that one GREEair conditioner is sold worldwide every second which testifies the consumer trust placed on the brand. Speaking of the MoU, George Steuart Solutions CEO Mohan Perera said: “We are pleased to be able to offer an energy saving, environmentally friendly and high-end top quality product that is also affordable to the Sri Lankan consumer. Today, customers are more conscious of the impact made on the environment. There is a high demand in the market for eco friendly air conditioners. Therefore we hope that GREE air conditioners will cater to this market need.”

George Steuart Solutions is a fully owned subsidiary of the George Steuart Group dedicated to partner the world’s most sought after agencies in the industrial, hospitality, construction and engineering and home lighting sectors. The company is focused on offering the world’s most advanced services at the most affordable prices to Sri Lankan customers.

Partnering some of the world’s most renowned companies, George Steuart Solutions has a vision to establish partnerships with agency companies on the fundamentals of mutual wealth creation and development.

Constantly vigilant about synergistic partnerships, George Steuart Solutions invites leading international institutions to join hands and explore new frontiers of expansion and delivery.