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Latest generation coronary stent ‘Coroflex ISAR’ launched in Sri Lanka

George Steuart Health launched the first ever polymer free Sirolimus eluting coronary stent – Coroflex ISAR, in Sri Lanka. The launch was held on Saturday, 23 June at the Kingsbury Colombo in conjunction with the faculty dinner of the Sri Lanka Heart Association. The event was graced by doctors attending the 18th Annual Academic Sessions of the Sri Lanka Heart Association.

The product was introduced in collaboration with B Braun, one of the world’s largest medical technology companies, specialising in solutions related to infusion therapy; orthopaedics; neurosurgery; anaesthesia; extracorporeal blood treatment; spine surgery; diabetes care; clinical nutrition; wound management; infection prevention and surgical technologies.

Speaking at the launch, George Steuart Health Executive Director Eran Ranasinghe said, “We have successfully partnered with B Braun yet again, to introduce a cutting edge technology – Coroflex ISAR – the only Polymer free drug eluting stent in Sri Lanka.” Further, he added that George Steuart Health has strengthened has strengthened their portfolio in interventional cardiology over the years, sourcing products such as ASD closures and delivery systems, balloons, coronary dilatation catheters and a range of angiography products from across the world.

Guest Speaker at the event, B Braun Medical Industries Malaysia Senior Manager Alok Sharma outlined the evolution of Drug Eluting Stents and coating technology. He also highlighted the many clinical studies conducted demonstrating the key features of polymer-free drug eluting stents (Coroflex ISAR).

Coroflex ISAR represents the latest generation of drug eluting stents, which combine high-end stent components with a proven polymer-free matrix coating for continuous and controlled drug delivery. The absence of a polymer carrier facilitates fast endothelialisation. Coroflex ISAR is coated with an innovative abluminal polymer-free, bio-resorbable drug matrix. The polymer function is mimicked by the drug Probucol, which acts as an excipient in the matrix and helps retard the release of the Sirolimus drug coating. With low strut thickness and crossing profile for High Stent Deliverability, the system demonstrates superior flexibility through adaptive stent architecture.

Coroflex ISAR has proven inhibition of neointimal growth, with clinical evidence from endpoint trials. In the world of evidence based medicine, Coroflex ISAR has been very well studied in randomised trials with the longest published data of five years. In addition, the real world registries confirm unsurpassed efficacy and safety in diabetics, septuagenarian and Octogenarians subsets. Coroflex ISAR is based on the innovative technology of the B Braun Coroflex Blue Cobalt Chromium Stent Family.

George Steuart Health is one of Sri Lanka’s premier healthcare and wellness solution providers and is a member of the George Steuarts Group; Sri Lanka’s oldest mercantile establishment and a leading diversified conglomerate. The partnership with B Braun dates back to 2007 when the duo first ventured into interventional cardiology.