years later GS & Co is proud to be one of the most dynamic Group of Companies

Support Services

The parent company George Steuart & Co., provides the overall strategic direction for the group and also manages centralised services such as financial control and management, corporate finance, corporate affairs, human resource management and administration at group level. It operates on royalty, centralised research planning, overhead recovery, and dividend collections from the subsidiaries for the services provided.

fully owned subsidiary of George Steuart & Co., provides IT support for the group including software evaluation and implementation, infrastructure management and maintenance, project management services, systems administration and cyber security services. Currently the company is evaluating the option of expanding its offering to include shared digital social media marketing support for the group.

Currently provides strategic research, M&A, and corporate advisory services for specialised projects and expansion within the group. The team is geared to take on assignments from external parties on a selective basis.

This fully owned subsidiary of George Steuart & Co., historically owned and managed a large extent of land. Today the company owns the land on which the original George Steuart & Co., head office was located, which is now managed as a business boutique hotel by Citrus Leisure.