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Its inbound travel arm of the sector, is focused on developing, designing and operating niche travel. The company offers bespoke, eco-friendly tours designed with an intimate understanding of the needs of niche travel enthusiasts to offer authentic experiences.The main markets of the inbound operations include the UK, Middle East (Israel), Australia, India and China. The company is represented at all major trade shows in order to reinforce its network and expand business.

George Steuart Aviation has represented Delta Airlines of the US as GSA in Sri Lanka since 1996 and Phillipine Air of the Philippines as GSA in Sri Lanka and the Maldives since 1997. Delta is the most dominant carrier serving US travellers flying both Pacific and Atlantic routes and operating a superior fleet and network at competitive fares. Philippine Airlines, the national carrier is favoured by clientele for the connections it offers via Manila, Singapore, Malaysia and Bangkok.

  • Established
  • 1995
  • Directors
  • Sarva Ameresekere
  • Address
  • George Steuart Aviation (Pvt) Ltd
  • No. 439, Galle Road,
  • Colombo 03,
  • Sri Lanka