years later GS & Co is proud to be one of the most dynamic Group of Companies

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George Steuart Teas
- the original Ceylon tea people.

The history of George Steuart & Company is closely intertwined with the fortunes of Sri Lanka’s tea industry. No other company can claim the expert and intimate knowledge that comes from being the original Ceylon Tea People.

Today George Steuart Teas is one of the country’s foremost exporters of Ceylon Tea, with a suite of exclusive tea-based products and value added packaging.

The company to date continues to market its original blends in the very form they were created - a unique proposition.

The entire chain of tea processing which includes buying, warehousing, blending and packaging is closely controlled by the company, deploying its own resources, such as state-ofthe- art blending facilities, ultra-modern tea bagging and fully automated packaging. The company’s experienced tea tasters produce a wide range of quality tea products while adhering to strict international food quality and safety standards.

The ‘Steuart Tea’ range of teas includes Black Tea, Green Tea, Herbal Tea and Flavoured Tea which make up the bulk of the export portfolio, destined for key global markets. 1835 Steuarts Ceylon is an exclusive range offering exquisite original blends. These blends are bought, blended to perfection and packed compactly to preserve flavour and aroma.

In 2013, George Steuart also embarked on a new journey to market the best of pure Sri Lankan Tea to the delight of the Sri Lankan consumer.

  • Chairman
  • Dilith Jayaweera
  • Established
  • 1835
  • Directors
  • Dai Pathmanathan
  • Dillukshan Fernando
  • Address
  • George Steuart Teas (Pvt) Ltd
  • No. 02, Wekande Road,
  • P.O. Box 620,
  • Colombo 02, Sri Lanka