George Steuarts is your playground for challenging corporate moves

GS Culture

Our company was founded by James Steuart, an intrepid and principled Scottish sea-captain who handed over the reins to his brother George entirely on a matter of principle.

It is this immaculate ethic, which has governed the conduct of the company's business from inception and continues to the present day. Morality, unobtrusive yet uncompromising, first set the tone for our management philosophy. It is a legacy which has been passed on to successive generations of company business managers. This is the greatest strength of George Steuart.

Over the years, with new thinking and fresh direction, the systems of managing people have changed. We now have greater emphasis on empowerment and motivation. However, the old-fashioned sense of fair play; and clear notions of right and wrong continue to prevail. Employees are provided with opportunities for career development, the broadening of horizons, and for upward and lateral advancement. This is clearly reflected in the progress of many employees in the company, who from small beginnings, have risen to commanding positions. This is the combined result of employee commitment and specially designed skills development training programs.

The public face of George Steuart has undergone a vast transition over the years. This is the result of appropriate responses to changes in the external environment. However, the fine values introduced by its founders have remained immutable and continue to govern our business conduct and management style.