We are proud
to be the oldest business house in
Sri Lanka

Our History

Captain James Steuart, a british sea captain, sailed the southern seas in the early 1800s and discovered Ceylon. He saw great commercial potential in the beautiful island.

Captain Steuart, together with his brothers Joseph and George, established themselves initially as merchant bankers. Over time, the company became a large scale exporter of coffee. This continued until the coffee blight hit Ceylon in the 1870's. At this point, the company converted its export interests to tea and supported the national export drive.

In 1954, George Steuart & Co was incorporated. The new high-rise "Steuart House” in the heart of Colombo became the company headquarters. The 1975 nationalisation program adversely affected the company. During this time, the company was managing the largest tea plantations in the country. Undeterred, the company set a new gear in motion to diversify and expand.

Today, 187 years later, George Steuart & Co is proud to be one of the most dynamic groups. The company is involved in export, health, leisure, travel, real estate, telecommunications, shipping, insurance, recruitment and higher education. We are one of the fastest growing conglomerates in Sri Lanka.

  • James Steuart
  • (1790 - 1870)
  • George Steuart
  • (1808 - 1896)